SAFER: Advancing the Safe and Sustainable
Development of Pennsylvania's Shale Energy Resources

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Who We Are

The Shale Alliance for Energy Research Pennsylvania (SAFER PA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization formed to collaboratively identify and fund impactful shale research and analysis in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to achieve responsible, sustainable development of Pennsylvania’s shale resource by advancing needed technologies, analyses, and processes that ensure environmentally sound energy production.


We promote the safety, sustainability and development of shale energy resources; collaborating with local organizations to engage in such services on a statewide basis, promoting the public interest and awareness of research and education in the field of the safety, sustainability and development of shale energy resources.

Our Vision

SAFER PA is managing a disciplined shale research program to generate needed independent, collaborative science to fill technology gaps—an undertaking requiring balanced, collaborative leadership, membership and technology research. With broad input from all stakeholders, the program addresses environmental concerns, industry challenges, and policy considerations. Findings will be fully communicated and shared with all stakeholders.

The expected multi-million dollar research program will target critical shale development projects identified and selected with collaborative multi-stakeholder input. It is anticipated that funding will come from government, non-government, and supplemental sources.

What Makes Us Unique

SAFER PA is an independent organization led by a balanced leadership team of key stakeholders working collaboratively to identify, fund and oversee needed R&D and analysis with a tactical and regional focus. Our leveraged investment of time and funds will generate valuable and timely technology, innovation and analysis. The program is designed for rapid response, to develop near-term solutions to challenges.

We are committed to generating independent science that reduces environmental impact and enables safe, sustainable development of shale resources.  SAFER will provide science and educational information that evaluates all important aspects of shale development, including protecting human health and the environment, effective shale development methods, and  leveraging shale resources for job creation, industry development and energy independence.

Our Mission

The Shale Alliance for Energy Research, Pennsylvania (SAFER PA) mission is to work collaboratively with government, environmental organizations, academia, the natural gas industry, and other stakeholders through an independent effort to advance technology, analysis, and education that supports safe and sustainable development of Pennsylvania’s shale resources.