SAFER: Advancing the Safe and Sustainable
Development of Pennsylvania's Shale Energy Resources

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What Shale Gas Means for PA

Economic Expansion and Energy Security
Critical to enable sustainable development of clean energy that generates economic expansion by:
  • Creating thousands of quality, high-paying jobs and supporting the growth of associated businesses
  • Providing clean, reasonably priced energy
  • Lowering energy costs for consumers leading to industrial expansion
  • Improving regional and national energy security by increasing the availability of domestic fuels
  • Bringing new industries to Pennsylvania, such as petrochemical industry growth, pipelines, industrial site development and more Showcasing the leadership of the Commonwealth to manage and develop its shale resources in a disciplined, beneficial and responsible way
Protecting Our Natural Resources
Much of the R&D agenda of SAFER PA will be focused on managing environmental challenges to ensure safe, sustainable development protects the Commonwealth’s environment and our residents. Minimizing health and environmental impact is central to our approach.
Environmental investigations will include:
  • Water—Reducing fresh water sourcing and treating, recycling, and disposing of produced water
  • Air—Monitoring and mitigating emissions to identify and minimize air quality levels
  • Land—Managing drill cuttings, seismicity and land use impacts
  • Human Health—Protecting residents, communities, roads/infrastructure, and workers
  • Environment—Protecting wildlife, vegetation, and ecosystems