SAFER: Advancing the Safe and Sustainable
Development of Pennsylvania's Shale Energy Resources

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Initial Funding Awarded and Projects Underway
SAFER PA was recently approved for funding in Pennsylvania's budget and is ramping up on several projects. Currently, we are focused on developing a research agenda and projects, conducting a membership campaign and securing and leveraging funding. Research topics that we are currently pursuing/considering include:
  • Shallow Subsurface Issues – Methane and pollution occurrence and migration with a focus on well integrity
  • Abandoned Wells – Location and risk management of abandoned oil, gas and water wells
  • Mine Water Treatment – Impacted stream remediation and water sourcing option for hydraulic fracturing treatments
  • Life-cycle Analysis – Characterization and strategic implications of long-term challenges of water and waste management
Water Well Handbook
One of the first projects SAFER PA is conducting is the development a comprehensive yet concise public service document for private water well owners.
This document, with both a print and interactive online version, will convey important information to well owners in a straight-forward, visually appealing manner. It will serve as an invaluable resource to help inform landowners about topics related to domestic water use such as aquifers, water well permitting, potential pollution sources, water well maintenance, water quality standards and other water-related resources. The content is being prepared by SAFER with expected completion in December 2013.