SAFER: Advancing the Safe and Sustainable
Development of Pennsylvania's Shale Energy Resources

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Benefits and Value of Membership

  • The SAFER PA collaborative organization establishes the foundation for a disciplined research program by pulling together stakeholders, funding and technical capabilities to address shale developmentā€™s toughest challenges.
  • This is a targeted shale research program focused solely on Pennsylvania shale development challenges, with anticipated funding of six or more annual projects awarded to qualified performers under a request-for-proposal process.
  • Substantial funding leverage creates greater research impact. The leverage for member investment is anticipated to be more than 100x relative to total program funding.
  • The program serves as a venue to proactively engage stakeholders and generate independent science to help fill the gap between environmental and industry constituents.
  • Results and deliverables from the program will include analysis of data and processes; identification of technical and process solutions; advancement of technologies leading to commercialization; validation of technologies; and communication of research findings to stakeholders.